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Treading the Color Line: The Beginning

Since starting my new job, I have become determined to get out and socialize more. As a black woman working in digital media, I am mos def in the minority. The last 7 months have been a struggle both mentally and physically. Not only am I pushing myself into new territory, but I am also delving into a world I have never previously experienced.

I am in the awkward space where I no longer fit in my previous spot as an African American working woman and I don’t yet fit in with my new career counter parts. Though I feel I don’t mix with the latter, they either believe I do or choose to ignore my heritage. I feel like a person who has achieved entrance into the amazing land of “What white people say when black people aren’t around”.

I have decided to chronicle this experience in a series of blogs I will call “Treading The Color Lines”. I can not tell you how long it will be, but I will add a post every Tuesday to start off with.

So this Tuesday, I will take the time to explain my background for any new readers. The purpose of this post is to allow readers a chance to understand were I have come from and were I am headed…

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Treading The Color Line: A Fly on the Wall

It is one thing to talk about racist and prejudice incidents, ones that occur in an isolated event, and another to experience a month long phenomenon. I use the word phenomenon because I feel like a fly on the wall in the midst of a racist whirlwind.

Preface: I am one of a few African Americans working at a company that is predominately white. I mean out of hundreds of white employees, there are maybe 8 black people.

I will change the type of location mentioned in this story, in an attempt to not have a participant stumble upon this post.

Setting: I work in the center of downtown. Employees park in a parking garage that is about a quarter of a mile from our building. We walk along an alley way to enter the back of our building. A “shopping center” was recently built, opposite of the alley way. Before and after school, city children hang out at this “shopping center” as our city buses have been recently redirected.

The Story: So of course once the new building was up and running, there was an increase of children in the area. Unfortunately, the kids have gained a bad wrap for fighting. Within the first week of opening, the news had covered a stabbing and a fight. The police presence in the area was increased and eventually things settled down.

As the police presence decreased, the children began to hang out in the alley while waiting to go to school. Some are standing around local stores talking and joking, while others are smoking cigarettes and/or weed. Now based on my experience in high school, this is what kids do.

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Things Married Folks Don’t Do

So from my last post, I think it is clear that I am nearing the end of my marriage. I am not one to vent to friends and family, and honestly no one knows accept for the wonderful people who read my blog. So after a long weekend of new betrayal…one just wants to vent.

My husband lies and says believes he doesn’t know what is inappropriate behavior and he desperately wants to understand how to have his cake and eat it too be a good husband. So if there are any other men or women who need assistance….here is a nice long list of all the things you should not do if you plan to be a good spouse:

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Black Love: Marriage and Religion

Can I get real deep for a minute?

I realized I wanted to marry my husband one random day, maybe a few months into our relationship. I proudly proclaimed my intentions and from that moment on I was in wife mode.

I was raised with traditional values. A woman cooks, cleans, and manages the home. A man makes the money and is the over all over seer. I was fine with this. Even when others protested about men abusing women and religion playing a role, how that doesn’t work – my go to scripture was always:

Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.

Colossians 3:18-19

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Black History and Other News

So every now and again I find I have multiple topics I want to discuss….and here they are for the week of 2/2/14


Fannie Barrier Williams: Starting with some black history, we have Fannie Barrier Williams. She was the first African-American to graduate from my current school (back before it became a full college) and took on a career filled with public speak activist work. Some of her most notable was helping found the  National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and National Association of Colored Women (NACW). She has an impressive list of accomplishments and even so, I have just learned of her while doing some research at my school, The College at Brockport. Our archivist expressed how she has become a figure who is often overlooked, even though she did so much for women and African-Americans. Even more shocking, she was presented as a candidate for the National Women’s Hall of Fame  and was rejected. No one could understand why.  We have to remember that great women and African American’s have existed all throughout history, even the ones who don’t get talked about on the regular. If you would like to help get her into the National’s Women Hall of Fame, please Click Here.

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