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Walter Scott Shooting

I am sure by now we have all heard about the North Charleston, S. Carolina shooting. Officer Slager has been charged with murder in the shooting death of Walter Scott. I really don’t have much to say about the issue as there is still a lot of information missing. However, I will include a thought list.

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The Definition of: An Angry Black Woman

A couple of days ago, for the first time in my life, I was called an Angry Black Woman. The person who referred to me as such (a black man) later apologized, but didn’t seem to truly grasp the meaning of what he said. Angry Black Woman is not a descriptive term to describe a woman who is mad and happens to be black. It is a racist stereotype. More importantly, it is derogatory title.

There have only been few times in my life that I have been rendered speechless but that title used to describe me did it. I pride myself on being a well educated black woman who will not hesitate to stand up for herself and fight for what she believes. I believe I do this is a non destructive or demeaning way. So for a man to call me that while I am arguing for the respect I deserve, was truly a blow to my pride.

While I know I am not an Angry Black Woman and have pulled my hurt feelings back together, I can’t help put remain angry at the ignorance. Words are very powerful – so before you go running at the mouth, make sure you understand the definition and history of what you are about to say.

I have included and excerpt from an article that addresses the history of the Angry Black Woman.

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Black is the New Black

I recently came across a blog that spoke upon a New Black Mentality, that is being presented by some black celebs. Think African American American actress Raven-Symoné.

If you decide not to read it, I believe the authors statement on Kanye West will serve as enough background content.

…his recent declarations that “we” shouldn’t focus on racism, leads me to believe he is on this train of “New Blacks” as well. Destination: White acceptance.


A New Black Movement is taking shape and some blacks aren’t happy. People are perceiving the New Blacks as people who are turning their backs on the past and, as a result, ignoring the struggles we have and continue to experience. As shown above, some may perceive them as traitors who are deciding to side with the white culture.

I am 100% in support of a New Black Movement. I do not support how some are choosing to approach it. I will forever identify as Black, African American, Brown, Ethnic, etc. I acknowledge our ancestors and all the struggles they have endured.

However, I feel it is time to leave the past in the past and move forward to forge a new culture and identity. You can only blame so much on the white man and white society.

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Treading the Color Line: The Beginning

Since starting my new job, I have become determined to get out and socialize more. As a black woman working in digital media, I am mos def in the minority. The last 7 months have been a struggle both mentally and physically. Not only am I pushing myself into new territory, but I am also delving into a world I have never previously experienced.

I am in the awkward space where I no longer fit in my previous spot as an African American working woman and I don’t yet fit in with my new career counter parts. Though I feel I don’t mix with the latter, they either believe I do or choose to ignore my heritage. I feel like a person who has achieved entrance into the amazing land of “What white people say when black people aren’t around”.

I have decided to chronicle this experience in a series of blogs I will call “Treading The Color Lines”. I can not tell you how long it will be, but I will add a post every Tuesday to start off with.

So this Tuesday, I will take the time to explain my background for any new readers. The purpose of this post is to allow readers a chance to understand were I have come from and were I am headed…

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Treading The Color Line: A Fly on the Wall

It is one thing to talk about racist and prejudice incidents, ones that occur in an isolated event, and another to experience a month long phenomenon. I use the word phenomenon because I feel like a fly on the wall in the midst of a racist whirlwind.

Preface: I am one of a few African Americans working at a company that is predominately white. I mean out of hundreds of white employees, there are maybe 8 black people.

I will change the type of location mentioned in this story, in an attempt to not have a participant stumble upon this post.

Setting: I work in the center of downtown. Employees park in a parking garage that is about a quarter of a mile from our building. We walk along an alley way to enter the back of our building. A “shopping center” was recently built, opposite of the alley way. Before and after school, city children hang out at this “shopping center” as our city buses have been recently redirected.

The Story: So of course once the new building was up and running, there was an increase of children in the area. Unfortunately, the kids have gained a bad wrap for fighting. Within the first week of opening, the news had covered a stabbing and a fight. The police presence in the area was increased and eventually things settled down.

As the police presence decreased, the children began to hang out in the alley while waiting to go to school. Some are standing around local stores talking and joking, while others are smoking cigarettes and/or weed. Now based on my experience in high school, this is what kids do.

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