I recently came across a blog that spoke upon a New Black Mentality, that is being presented by some black celebs. Think African American American actress Raven-Symoné.

If you decide not to read it, I believe the authors statement on Kanye West will serve as enough background content.

…his recent declarations that “we” shouldn’t focus on racism, leads me to believe he is on this train of “New Blacks” as well. Destination: White acceptance.


A New Black Movement is taking shape and some blacks aren’t happy. People are perceiving the New Blacks as people who are turning their backs on the past and, as a result, ignoring the struggles we have and continue to experience. As shown above, some may perceive them as traitors who are deciding to side with the white culture.

I am 100% in support of a New Black Movement. I do not support how some are choosing to approach it. I will forever identify as Black, African American, Brown, Ethnic, etc. I acknowledge our ancestors and all the struggles they have endured.

However, I feel it is time to leave the past in the past and move forward to forge a new culture and identity. You can only blame so much on the white man and white society.

Example: It is constantly preached said the black community is failing because the family structure has been destroyed by the white man taking the baby daddys fathers, husbands, and male figures out of the home. I believe this to be true…years ago. During slavery families were broken and for years after slavery, hardships still lead to broken homes. I do not believe this is the case for 2015. A man decides to lay down with a woman and create a baby. Society doesn’t prevent them from getting married, society doesn’t prevent him from getting a job, and no white man is going to storm through the door and steal the black man away.

Is society in favor of African Americans? No. Is it in favor of ANY minority? No. So why are we the ones who seem to be suffering the most? Some say we still maintain a slave mentality

I prefer to call it a victim mentality. As a culture we have become too caught up in playing the blame game. We are constantly searching for those responsible for our hardship. Some want recognition, others vengeance, the next, an apology. The reasons are diverse and plentiful, but what is the purpose? Let’s take it out of the context of race.

If you were to get raped tomorrow, would you spend the rest of your life searching for the person? Would you rally for the perpetrator to come forward and apologize? If the person was caught and jailed, would then go after their family? Would you push your children to spend their lives searching for the person? Would you tell the story to your grandchildren and expect them to fight for your vengeance? Would you disable your future generations by having them living in fear and/or hate?

Racism and discrimination both exist. While I accept and acknowledge this, I do not embrace it and let it control my life. I agree with Kanye in saying it shouldn’t be our main focus. I would love to see a New Black Mentality that promotes a joined community, pushing for a new image, achieved through the evolution of Blacks.

With that said, I will also add that I am not opposed to Respectability Politics. While I do not think that Blacks should confirm to societies standards 100%, we should not be running around protesting our right to sag. So please pull your pants up, become more educated, let go of the ratchatness, and force a change through demonstrating that you can operate within societies standards. Once this is done, you will be able to change it. It isn’t the guy in the mail room who makes the policies, but the CEO. You have to learn and perfect the game to beat it.

So lets embrace the New Black Mentality. Let us remember that our ancestors made sacrifices so we would have the freedom to start a black movement. Let us forever remember the past and use the current injustices as fuel to forge our way. Let our actions be such a positive change that they can’t help put acknowledge us for the strong leaders we are. This doesn’t equal white acceptance. This equals black acceptance and progression.

As always-

Peace, Love, and Happiness,