Since starting my new job, I have become determined to get out and socialize more. As a black woman working in digital media, I am mos def in the minority. The last 7 months have been a struggle both mentally and physically. Not only am I pushing myself into new territory, but I am also delving into a world I have never previously experienced.

I am in the awkward space where I no longer fit in my previous spot as an African American working woman and I don’t yet fit in with my new career counter parts. Though I feel I don’t mix with the latter, they either believe I do or choose to ignore my heritage. I feel like a person who has achieved entrance into the amazing land of “What white people say when black people aren’t around”.

I have decided to chronicle this experience in a series of blogs I will call “Treading The Color Lines”. I can not tell you how long it will be, but I will add a post every Tuesday to start off with.

So this Tuesday, I will take the time to explain my background for any new readers. The purpose of this post is to allow readers a chance to understand were I have come from and were I am headed…

1. I currently work for a small communication company of about 250 employees. 15 of which are black. Out of that 15, majority of them are in sales so there is a high turn over rate.

2. I am a web specialist and on my team, counting myself, there are only 2 black people. I am the only black female.

3. My previous profession was in health care where everyone majority of the people I worked with were black. Most of them were single women with little education, who chose health care because it brought in good money.

4. I was an honors student through out college. I spent one year at a HBCU before returning to my home town where once again, I was apart of the minority as there were maybe 5 other honor students of African American heritage.

5. My future goals are to work my way up in my current career and grow my freelance business. In addition, I must work on my networking skills and loose some weight.

6. I have joined a number of local organizations to assist with me reaching my goal. These include a young professionals organization, Black Young Professionals, and a media organization.

7. I am also working to expand my connection with God, so I have started to attend more church events and am becoming more active in church groups. I am baptist and attend a predominately black church.

So long list short, I have environments where I am in the minority and I have environments where I am the majority. My lifestyle is evolving as I continue to grow into a better version of me. However, that is pushing me into muddy waters where I find myself….Treading the Color Lines.

Check back next week for my second installment!

Peace, Love, and Happiness,


P.S – I was too lazy to reread and edit this post…forgive me!